This is a month of Love

As a proud American, competition with other countries to prove our worth, intellectually, socially, economically, and militarily has been a conversation since I was in grade school. As long as I can remember, the American associations with technology, Artificial Intelligence and telecoms has been ridiculed as subpar when compared to Japan, Europe, Canada, and China.

China being one of our main rivals, an outsourcing octopus that made cheap labor sexy and the roman noodle an American staple for the Silicon Valley trust fund babies. So, when I hear people are leaving the valley in droves to try their luck in Canada’s Maple Valley, I am not deterred in my pursuits to utilize the resources I have to push my art and anthologies.

Since I am and never have been narrow minded, I have enjoyed the doors that have opened for me to communicate with friends in the U.K., Russia, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Romania.   In fact I would love for more countries and people to have access and generate interest in my work, but it is hard to say what can be illustrated, or written to attract the attention of a denizen of Africa or Australia. Unless I am wanting to talk about animal rights and how these rights will be used against people who are deemed to be as cognitive as an elephant with a white cross branded upon it’s brow. Which I don’t. I would like to ask instead of the individual incentive of publishing with Wattpad that can boast of 65 million readers but of those millions who is paying the authors for this intellectual property?

All these people and not a single person is paying the author for their time and creativity. Does anyone remember what happened to Warhol when he did not pay what he owed?

Sometimes I feel the Economist purposely publishes ideas to insight my ire. According to them there is this “income effect,” that occurs when people are offered higher wages. They believe when wages rise people work less and they blame inequality in the pay gap for the sacrifice of vacation time found in the American and British rise in hours based on the pay wages.

Both the supposition of anyone dissatisfied in a pay raise of having more vacation time to spend money they have earned on bettering their lifestyles with material assets, and the notion that people in the west or north of Italy work specifically for the sole benefit of a promotion in whatever field they are in at the exclusion of their co-workers who equally make an institution operable, completely negates the incentive of work and encourages bottom feeding or insinuates most of the working class are. It took them and the likes of Ms. Nakamura, Jon Steinsson of Berkely to admit the Administration’s decision to pay the banks back during The Great Recession, which was a global failure, was a horrible governing policy. They went so far as to insinuate that even if people remained jobless the economy would balance out because the money that was stolen would have to resurface.

How would that occur you ask?

Increased wages and vacation time. All in time for the month of LOVE.

I began working on and as I have begun to place her on the canvas a recurring thought presents itself, or rather question, “Have you ever been in the presence of a woman that made you wish you had three of her?”

She claimed to be willing to support my work and show me the kind of validation I’ve spoken of in previous journals: If I had a little more confidence in my presentations, If I believed my artistic process was not as outdated as the methodology that persists to aid my hand to create, I would love to believe as she claims, my adorableness and talent would be marketable and worth her while.

In the presentation I give her my best, in hopes she takes notice and seeks to make the image a desktop wallpaper or thumbnail for her phone, a moniker to carry with her to remind her there is a man out there that dreams wonderful dreams of what it would be like to hold three of her in his arms as he sleeps.

I think of my affections toward Jazmine and I am reminded of those who would suggest my words, art and thoughts or desires that would offend people in high offices of government or social justice warriors and have me condemned for my thoughts or ability to illustrate her as I have and bridle my tongue or brand me a liar or fictious storyteller, conspiracy theorist-sensationalist or merely deranged. The image does not look just like her and thus it is not her. Realism- (the art movement of the 1848 Revolution)- a mode of thought as ancient as the thinkers that devised it, would be considered the only truth tellers, who paradoxically had little support in expressing this truth.

Then came PhotoRealism of the 1960’s and 70’s:  The invention of photography in the nineteenth century had three effects on art: portrait and scenic artists were deemed inferior to the photograph and many turned to photography as careers; within nineteenth- and twentieth-century art movements it is well documented that artists used the photograph as source material and as an aid—however, they went to great lengths to deny the fact fearing that their work would be misunderstood as imitations; and through the photograph’s invention artists were open to a great deal of new experimentation. Thus, the culmination of the invention of the photograph was a break in art’s history towards the challenge facing the artist—since the earliest known cave drawings—trying to replicate the scenes they viewed

Photorealists were much more influenced by the work of Pop artists and were reacting against Abstract Expressionism.

  In the 21 century comes a man explaining his truth and because most of it is painful, he is taught most of his pain, he endured was his own doing, thus justified. Making the appeal for freedom and expungement of decrees “a subversive measure to deceive his way to freedom,” as presented by state organizers that may feel encroaching and neither humbling circumstances, I have found to be offensive to my person, even if deserved, in the minds that sealed such restrictions, against my mode of expression. No in truth I have found nothing deceptive about my mode of storytelling, instead I would describe it as a desire to apply the justification we are (theologically, spiritually, secular or religiously) entitled to.

It has been noted that the general motif of the works I have found my own productions surrounded by are Agrarian in context and when I ask the passer byer what he or she feels when they see my own they claim it is well done and pleasing to the eyes but they could not place it in a spectrum of agrarian scorn. Rather they have been willing to categorize my works as Modern. Which as true as that is, I have come to think this definition to be as dissatisfying as suggesting any media outside of the mainstream is as unreliable as a tabloid or conspiracy theorists haven.

The past century, the 20th, that means from 1900-2000 was drowned in Wassily Kandinsky’s “Improvised Sea Battle,” and according to those that disdain modern art, it was a time when creativity lost it’s way, entering upon an encounter with the unknown and uncertain prospects and the artist had no choice but to reflect this adolescent  behaviors of our minds.

Of course, I have issues with these definitions. To me anything after my birth is contemporary art, there might be elements of fine art, expressionism, impressionism, or realism but none of these elements can be said to be a sole motivation even for the best of contemporary digital artists, because little of our works are traditionally graphed anymore.

There is an artist I know of, he is a wonderful oil painter and does his works by hand. Sells at around $200.00 per piece, has a nice vending section in the local mall, yet no matter how skilled he is, he would never illustrate as I. He would not want to, he does not consider it art. It is beneath him, he seeks realism and abhors abstract, yet contemporary art pools from it all. Without realism as a foundation and a basic understanding of technicalities, constructs could not be devised or even considered viable. This is part of the reason as an anthologist I became upset with critiques who would suggest my work does not fit into commercialized acceptance or the number one turn off of most viewers is the notion of a lack of appreciation for anatomy. As if I am illustrating for a Harvard Medical Journal or anyone considers prefect anatomy art or ever has.

Then I am made to roll over in my bed and lose sleep because someone is hounding me to draw a naked mermaid with a slug in her breasts and does not want to pay me for it because they could never hang it up in their home, on the wall, in the dinning room, over the fireplace or on their fridge because their guilty pleasure will be spotlighted and their spouse might have them committed into a rehabilitation center for subscribing to degenerate artists like Ludwig Kirchner:

In a letter to Dr. Karl Hagemann, a friend and patron, Kirchner writes: “After lengthy struggles I now find myself here for a time to put my mind into some kind of order. It is a terribly difficult thing, of course, to be among strangers so much of the day. But perhaps I’ll be able to see and create something new. For the time being, I would like more peace and absolute seclusion. Of course, I long more and more for my work and my studio. Theories may be all very well for keeping a spiritual balance, but they are grey and shadowy compared with work and life”. Throughout 1916, Kirchner periodically returned to Berlin for a few weeks at a time to continue his work at his studio; he also produced a series of oil paintings, and many drawings, during his stays in Königstein. After an exhibition of his work in at the gallery of Ludwig Schames, in Frankfurt am Main, in October 1916, Kirchner sold many works and began to do well financially. In December, he suffered from a nervous breakdown and was admitted to Dr. Edel’s sanatorium in Berlin Charlottenburg.

Three days after Valentines day and I was still tinkering with the picture of “Jazmine&Jazz.” If I had allowed the image to remain of a woman holding pictures of herself, I would have finished by now. Instead I have her sitting in a chair, secured by cushions and a giant heart pillow. There is this giant empty space and as I ponder what to fill it with I am made to think of those before me and how they managed to overcome this particular dilemma that faces the artist.

Courtship, romance, east and west, be it the Heian period {794-1185} or the Libertine debauchery of the 1500’s-1650, when romance was an art the backdrop of the mural was always a woman, plush and full, arrayed in her best, in the midst of a garden. Lilies and cherry blossoms, for the highly sexed European a rose garden. Each rose to match the dress of the beautiful woman, who has engrossed the affection of the man willing to write of her.

In fact I would not have been too far removed to draw Jazmine on her plush couch, in the midst of a garden, as if it was carried by gondola to the rendezvous of pleasant settings for the purpose of comfort under the shade of an orange grove as I drowned myself in her Armagnac.

Of course the millennial who has taught themselves love to be a waste of time or an experience devised to only end in heart ache or the birth of a child, a third wheel, set to end the marry-go-round of colors that blend together when the hues of testosterone blush and her feminine perfume twisted in coitus, have an entirely different setting for their moments of love, when apprehension and reluctance no longer has a hold upon their reason. No longer are they making love under trees, instead they work for readymade homes or condos and flats, poor and rich, as long as there are four walls and a window, then love can have moments of rising or setting with the sun.

The contemporary views of artists over the years has faded into an over emphasized desire to in no wise offend, turning the most dedicated artist into a freak of nature, outdated and as the song “Spiritual Hunger,” by suggests Dreamers looking for a pinnacle of expression that is unattainable. To define love in the 21 centuries in the month of love I would first disregard my own experiences. They are too varied, and the expectations of my past lovers were as incoherent of reason as many of our song writers and modern performers suggest. Though as a Fundamentalist, I don’t believe the story of love has to remain fairy tales, fit only for the silver screen or script writers. I believe it can be given a face and reimposes upon the ideal woman, who as time passed, never sat in a chair-legs a gapped as a man with a beer gut, drowning in hours of televised American football. Grace insinuated in a chair to be touched only upon request and courted and conquered not by Agrarian or orange grove te-ta-tetes, neither is she to be encaged by the insinuation that marriage will inhibit her individuality or the desire for one man will wane. With the proper education she can have her interdependence and verve for life and youth, through a stress-free encounter with the courser-sex.

The imagination morphs this modern woman into a dry-gin drinking disco-House music engrossed chick-a-dee motivated solely by the accumulation of shining trinkets as proof of the man’s love. Nineteen years ago, this woman was ridiculed by her children as materialistic and infected by the consumeristic indoctrination, contributed to Capitalism. Of course, this was due to their lack of education on what is expected of the Western and modern love. A world where a middle-class suburban life style gives one the freedom to build on the art of love and transcend beyond the introductions and arrangements between boy meeting girl.

“Jazmine&Jazz,” is the closet I will achieve the dream of having her in my presence to do with her as I desire. In truth once I have her and she has been conquered I would never care when, where, or how, as long as we are, and this is modern love.



The Mature Artists!

I’ve recently been contemplating the overall definition of “The Mature Artist.”

When we hear these words we can find some security in the thought that to be a mature artist one has to:

Have a strong sense of design in their work, props and characters aren’t just thrown about without thought. The artist can admire the work of other artists without doggedly reproducing another artist’s style. They have a unique style that viewers instantly recognize.

Notice, educational background or annual income are not considered factors in this definition.

I am personally transported in time, to 1975 when Henry Fantazos finally found his inspiration for a piece of art that I have come to enjoy. “Temptations Under Magnolia Tree.” By 1963 he had a hard time placing value to modern art. He considered it to be “dead-end barbarism, invented by dilettantes bent on obtaining the cheapest uniqueness.” He cursed television as the “Murderer of Literature,” and in his rage envisioned wonderful still-lives.

Though, as unique and fantastical as his one-man-show was, due to his isolating nature, I can’t consider him a mature artist.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, published in 1983, to mature is to have reached full growth or development, to ripen, Payable, worked out fully by the mind; perfected.

None of this is lost on artists such as 1857 Jean-Francois Millet who created “Des glaneuses,” or Polish artists Igor Morski, who opened his studio in 1995. Nearly two hundred years has passed and for those mature enough to be honest, have seen how pervasive the artists use of his mind has matured and in this essay I aim to encourage my partners of such a respectable guild to continue to spread wide the halls of imagination.

The mature artist is not one that sees potential for improvement and clings to their crutch of tradition. I find it painful enough that as a writer and artist I must contend with those twenty years my senior who propose, “Unless you are aiming to have your works showcased among Vincenzo Foppa or to be featured in the Economist with Kathryn Rose, a Canadian “jobbing composer,” you will not be successful.”

Success being defined by how much money you have and ones networth being the gauge of maturity.

The mature artist does not allow the ramblings of a philosopher published in 1935 to dissuade them from applying ink to canvas. Instead they realize that Walter Benjamin was speaking from a view point of limited validation for his own material. When holding no political opinions kept you in business and anything as innocent as the “zipper,” was denounced as an ‘alligator of ecstasy.’

I am an affirmed believer that the mature artist and his or her work, and no, maturity is not gender specific, will stand the test of time, despite the profusings of Samuel Johnson. The mature artist knows that their vision of the world, expressed through art will hold a place in the heart of exceptionally young art enthusiasts long after this digital revolution and intrinsically that should be the aim of every creator, at least those aiming to mature.

Sadly it is very difficult to equate the essence of art with a numerical value. The great “Traditionalists,” rave against the youth, instead of embracing the change and suggest everything presented in the past 20 years to be worthless, degenerate, perverted, carbon copies of thoughts born from The Renaissance.

Which when we strip the boisterous voice of it’s regalia, all we find are the echos of a time that refuses to understand the beauty behind contemporary thought.

  The mature artist not only knows how to take criticism but to include the voice that spoke out of a displaced world view of days gone by and bridge the gap that separates us culturally, economically, socially, and geographically. At least that is what the mature artist should aim to do.

When I think of the mature artist, I think of:

@Umbramark @banesias063 @AtalyaSuccubus @PorkyPiexxx @BrytlejuiceArt @cthulhuzann @sabtastic @Medra192 @celineorelse @Lewdua @Della-Kitt @OtherWorldSam @BunnyHarriet @Seanpphillips and not necessarily because I like them personally but because in the midst of my transition between an average hobby artist they were voices of reason, willing to give advice, communicate and bridge the vast space of our highly complex world and just laugh and find joy in this guild I love.

For all the negative press that is dished out about NSFW material, sex, women, men, and any other thing a very cynical person can use to bring another down, these are the few visionaries I would ever claim to desire to have coffee with in real life and have mature conversations about the world of art.

I’ve mentioned Jenna Bryan in the past and I really should keep in touch with her.

I find we get so busy in our craft, that it becomes very easy to tune people out, forgetting that without their input, we’ve missed a chance to further ourselves.

In my youth I craved solitude. I enjoyed being alone with my pad and pen, never watching television, rarely played video games, had one or two friends. Believing that because I was a military brat, and I moved from place to place, having no roots, meant severing all ties and those I neglected were just not mature enough to stand alone.

As I’ve gotten older and desired to have a home for my assorted displays, I’ve been hankering to throw a celebration. To raise a toast to the loving nurturer that Art is.

As technology rages on to make all of us next door neighbors, beauty is captured, scanned, digitized, tweeted, archived and set to make us all remembered, worked out fully by the mind, perfected, matured.

Censor not my love!

It is the first day of a new month. The month of love and compassion and an excessive need to remind ourselves of the joys of being human. Last month I touched base on issues that came up again and again and I feel I might revisit as time goes on: Censorship and it’s usage against the creative community in which I thrive. 

I am a firm believer in the idea of one of the greatest gifts given to man kind is our ability to express love, passion, desire and romance. None of that would I ever be made to feel ashamed of and neither would I teach my children that based on their sex, creed, cast or color should they determine who they love and how they love.


This is the month of love and so while I discuss the need for people to allow such discussions to take place, we should also not get in the habit of shaming those that desire to express how they love their partner.

If you would like to know how the story transpires about the love of a mortal man for an immortal being: tune into be sure to leave a donation and show your support.

I began a discussion board online about the public opinion surrounding censorship and the notion centered in the idea that if we don’t agree with what is said, literally reenacted, drawn, illustrated, written of, be it based on content or context, a corporation or a singular entity, has the right to deny access to a publication or to prohibit the transactions of monetary gain for said offensive literature or art work, or filmed documentation.

At the present moment all I’ve heard in return is either silence, indifference and or defense of said actions and censorship clauses on the basis of a, few offending parties who have according to those willing to use censorship as a defense against the ‘disenfranchising,’ purposes behind obscene or offensive literature , ‘technically,’ which would suggest abuse of the First Amendment, justifies the nullification of it.

Those riding the fence on this issue have chosen to ignore the implications presented upon the right of written truth being lost in the noise of dissolvement of constitutional and amended protections set to separate this nation from others.

When we ask the global stage what makes the American the way they are the first answer will always be our belief held in the God given right to stand and speak upon the ancient parchment so many seem to be willing to dissolve for the sake of a superficial gesture, presented in placating lands, nations and people that either honor Draconian systems, police-state-regimes, anarchist cults, Indian giving traditions, Chinese patriarchs, totalitarian pot-lucks. Those who refuse to honor the freedoms promised in the constitution are no better than kowtowing sycophants who would agree with policy makers that set out to promise access to prosperity and avenues that would eliminate their poverty stricken ways of life by throwing them in a river of crocodiles and proceed to silence those that document and chronicle those atrocities as fables, due to their ‘technically,’ obscene context.

~Now there is a much subtler form of censorship that though crude in its application is nonetheless effective in triggering my need to discuss it.

Pressure applied by other artists to degrade the work of a fellow artist and their talent, in hopes they will be sufficiently demoralized to the point they never illustrate, draw, paint or write again. The determination f certain artists in my guild to “shame,” or ridicule another Indie artist for their visions or thought is akin to the “body shaming,” women have been subjected to in the past few years and I could have sworn the illustrative culture was above these forms of communication and we had the ability to respect one another out of the sheer will of preserving the right to freely express ourselves.

I personally have not been found to give a deconstructive remark about another artists dream of pleasure, even if I am not in favor of their visual production, due to the understanding that given time, the same artist that might have turned me off with one illustration is the same one that will inspire me in later feats of expanding their creative portfolio.

As a member of the creative guild I would like to think of myself to be mature enough to give people the freedom to grow, evolve in their own battles for Creative Relevance.

This growth was often denied by the likes of mainstream publishers such as Marvel, D.C., Variant, Tokyo Pop, and other high-end competitors. This denial of creative freedom within the guild f art was behind my reasoning as a boy of 16 and as a man of 30 to never deal with those organizations. Individuals who would claim my word did not meet their standards of publication but where willing to claim rights to my submissions for later use or editing among their varied artists to be grafted into their pool influence. Contributing to zero credit for my creative ability, financial gain, sponsorship and or accreditation.

Such questions as, “Would a corporation like Marvel or D.C. appreciate my work?” Using these said companies as the standard of illustrative genius is completely against my ideals of creative elevation and aspiring thought. My short answer, “I am not here to impress Marvel or D.C. I am here to illustrate and use every technique known to this guild to tell my story and encourage others to always feel free to do the same.”

The same corporations that have been harvesting data of their subsidiaries, Google, Mariott, Delta, Airbnb, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Best Buy, Sears, Saks 5th Avenue, Panera Bread, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft; have been giving space to servers like Tumblr and DeviantArt and have used the algorithms that steal identity to censor content and control monetary gains ~ while claiming no to ~ with the use of algorithms a said company has the right to deny an individual the traffic of commerce, the choice of living accommodations, Uber controls who gets a taxi, Firms use payment history to sell you a product and what you search for online can determine the price you pay for things.

Because there is a war against NSFW material, algorithms can be used to determine who sees your material and how much traffic your able to generate in a presumed open market. One thing is true about all of this research, the data gathered is not important, the ability to deny you public access and generate an income in a highly competitive market is the aim of these online institutions.

~ There must be something in the water ~

Hedy Lamarr born in Austria 1914, passed on in America in 2000. She was known on the global stage as the most beautiful woman in the world. I revere her as the creator of GPS tracking systems, and the encourager behind snuffing out competition with the use of Autonomous Intelligence.

The use of Autonomous Intelligence is not solely exclusive to military grade weaponry but the mechanics of sequestering financial gain among the denizens of a civilized, city-state should certainly be interpreted as a declaration of war. Regardless if the entity waging that war can be described as human or not.

For 35 years lethal autonomous weapons (LAW’s) have been the experimentation of Armenians, Azerbaijan’s, Russians and the U.K. DARPA has claimed responsibility for having invented the GPS-system-stealth technology and the use of hacking online systems, yet in light of what I know about Hedy Lamarr, I question their claim, and continue to contribute such genius to the most beautiful woman in the world.

What do all the countries that employ the use of Autonomous systems for the patrol and policing of their people have in common?

They have no precluding constitution that protects their denizens right to privacy, public assembly or the ability to contradict the arguments of written documents that suggest because a computer can register through facial recognition programs that they are homosexual, a threat to national security, authors of controversial literature or questioning the right of governmental entities seizure of private property.

Hedy, Austrian American, the most beautiful woman in the world, devised the GPS system, the same system implemented in today’s modern G.S.14 classified monitorial systems used to track prisoners, wild dogs, and RFID tags placed in the heels of new born children. The same system argumentized into a lethal autonomous weapon, (LAW’s), used to pin-point a target of national threat, approach at 100x the speed of human locomotion, fly to the victim’s face and explode against the forehead. They are programmed to swarm and strategically eliminate multiple targets.

This same GPS System is implemented in the cold-calling ransom-ware scheme of over-sea proprieties posing to be Microsoft employees seeking to coerce money from unsuspecting Americans. Frank Saurer and Stuart Russell are convinced whoever becomes the leader in AI will become the ruler of the world.

Yadkowsky and Elon Musk believe their should be fail safes and moral barriers but how is this conceivable among a generation of thinkers who believe there are no moral absolutes and the bible to be fiction or the constitution and democracy to be archaic measures of governance?

The resounding implication of this information be it true or fiction, is the tendency to dehumanize the operator of the system being used to terrorize or oppress the recipient of volatile data usage. (Because there is no face behind the machine then the victim can’t justify their anger and the oppressor has deniability, zero accountability, especially if they can press a button, hide the signal and move on to other targets.)

Dehumanization is a flaw of many conflicts and increases the rate of human casualties.


New Year, New ways to Evolve Art!


The above image is that of a local Art Gallery in Chatham County North Carolina, home of the Sweet Bee Theater and Youth Theater. Now home to three of my Portrait pieces, spoken of in the last months article. 

It is a wonderful feeling to know that all of my hard work has the potential to be seen by thousands of the local art arena and globally. Even more amazing still, in the midst of so many talented artists, my brand of art has the potential to stand the test of time and teach valuable lessons along the way.

stormy daniels  My Stormy Daniels rendition did not make the showcase, but this does not negate the sell or auctioning of this piece. I will have more information posted Patreon. Contact and links can be found further down in this article.  

In my list of inspiring women, who took the odds and bad deals given to them and still made their lives something to write home about, Stormy stands at the top. Even if she is afraid to being  video taped with a *BBC* journalist. 

It was suggested my comic strip dedicated to some serious conversations poised by sex workers and the industry that commoditized it, is too political.

Go figure. I think what they meant to say was, “too reactionary,” or “straight to the point,” when we begin to discuss the issues surrounding freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the right to a (Weinberg social media connection to Warhol’s aphorism about the desire and allure of the 15 minutes of fame.)

“Where the personal and the public are virtually inseparable.” ~Adam D. Weinberg.

If that is true and in some way, illustrations are not supposed to share stories that mirror our present day conversations, then I guess those who oppose literature and the comic where not fans of Daria Morgendorffer, Venture Brothers, the anti-modernist Grant Wood’s American Gothic painting, or

Amanda Froelich

Read More:

It is presumed that the President, under the threat of civil unrest has the right to freeze American citizens bank accounts, without ever having to prove it’s charges in court. What is known as a Kafkaesque System, that I am beginning to believe was the direction taken by Obama’s administration in the wake of the 2008 Recession. Considering it’s been around since the signing of the Patriot Act. As they accuse Trump of being willing to tamper with the flow of the economy to protect his position as President, with no past or present history of Trump being caustic toward his opposition, aside from loss of political influence and direct means to cause him harm physically. When books where written to shame him, the sell of such material was not denied. 2018 was a year of a gracious President whom many where made to ask, “Why show kindness to an opposition that clearly would not show the same in return?”

Man’s memories are frail. Obama would not take bad news well. Dinesh D’suza was a victim to President Obama’s ire and with the action of imprisoning a man for written, spoken, or illustrative content speaks to a propensity, a willingness to safe guard a moment in time as fleeting as vapor, with such a method, denoted as Kafkaesque. So I would not put it passed him as (the writers of Incase of Emergency Break Glass.) ~Elizabeth Goiten.

I don’t have a mental deficiency that makes me dislike a project, a song, or a story because of aesthetic issues. If I did that I’d be no better than A.O. Scott, a film critic and author of “Better Living Through Criticism: How to think about art, pleasure, beauty, and truth.,” who read all of “Hark,” by Sam Lipsyte, just to say it’s ‘bullshit.’ I’d like to think of myself in happier terms.

That is why my association with  Kikoeart of and you can catch her on twitter, should be no surprise. I sent her a piece of #DarkArt, just so she could add it to her collection, something good she could sink her teeth into. Entitled, “Feeding the Wolves.” She is an amazing artist and I am still surprised when other artists of larger talent want to discuss art with me. She is the founder of an art community online called Art-On! Devising a #DarkArt piece is rather harder than I thought. This idea of a wolf feeding on a human heart and correlating it with today’s ideas of the answer to the debate of American exceptionalism verses our reliance on internationalism is daunting.  Mind stiflingly so. If I am to believe patriotism, as I was raised to view it since 1988, is wrong or monolithic compared to the jargon I chose to ignore as a child; “African Americans desire to return to Africa and that is why they rap, and beat box, and shake their tail-feathers, in hopes of getting their eagle-on. An expression of repressed African decent that is to be honored and recognized as an achievement in its self. Then I am to believe all of what I have come to call home, rock music, rap, hip-hop, art, literature, education, is threatened by weapons of mass destruction, deadly epidemics, climate change, global economic meltdowns and massive cyber-attacks.

feeding the wolves

I would believe Jake Sullivan and “Feed to the Wolves,” those that would adhere to Hans Brinker’s philosophy, of the boy with his finger in the dyke; or expect the opposite from those that would believe, by placing my own interests ahead of others is akin to authoritative capitalism. I would be made to believe a healthy democracy/country/ patriotism, is the “shared economic prosperity,” and security and freedom for all citizens, to follow the path they choose.

A lot of emphasis on the word “shared.”

It is not like me to wait ten to eleven days to write a letter expressing my doings or desires.

I’ve been taking time to devise content for my unused Patreon account. showcasing works that are inspired from my walks through town for nearly three years now.

I am generally asking people, “What does Art mean to them?”

Those I speak to are the average joes that without realizing it or not have been culturally influenced by conditional advertisement and visual artists who half the time seek to reflect environments and situations their viewers can’t relate to or if they do, it is through vicarious lenses. I have introduced myself to the world as an artist who seeks to find the sights and sounds of this world and what my mind interprets from it and put it on canvas. A word for this ability is called Psionic. Thus, I have decided to call my work, instead of Realistically-Abstract: As if to support surrealism or to pull from the medium, A fancy word for “incomprehensible.” I have decided to entitle it “Psionic-Art.”

While I have found ways to advertise this style that has caught many by surprise. I have run out of patience with those around me that are pushing me to write about my proposed solutions to the problems facing the globe at large. They desire, I write about the issues I’ve seen in my travels across America. They tell me to write about it because I can’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner without seething anger and contempt at out current Justice System. Those that ask me to write are Christians that refuse to read what I’ve already written because according to them, “ Had I not been out of the will of GOD, had I simply lived peaceably among others, suppressed by unwanted restrictions. Had I simply conceded the argument and believed GOD to see me through all that comes with oppression; Clauses and City Sanctions, proposed by a fallible man or woman, I would not have given the Justice System reason to arrest me.”

Had the drunkard never drank ~ He’d never have had a DWI-DUI and MADD Lobbyists, would not have forced 25 years on them.

Had the wife never beat her husband~ or visa-versa they would not have had a judge deem 25 years for an aggravated assault necessary.

Had the 75 year old woman never fucked the 13 year old boy on camera for the whole world to see, upload it online~ She would not have been in prison as a Sex-Offender.

Had a man never eaten an apple given to him by the woman of his rib~ conflict, strife, pain, despair, destruction would never have been in our vocabulary.

The point I must confess is the standard has been determined long ago and we keep missing the idea of benevolence. When I draw a portrait, tell a story, good or bad, the honesty in which I choose to live brings me a joy within myself that makes it so, as long as I can draw, fill my journals, bleed colors into the bleached canvas, I can be happy as a poor man.

I could love a wife in a tent or a lean-to, on the edge of the Sahara desert and raise children, with the hope that nothing like what happened in my past would come back to haunt me, or if it did, that I am wiser than my latter years and can overcome them.

I think the greatest achievement of this year, and it has really only begun, is the respect I have obtained from a wonderful artist by the name of  “Mistress of Art,” she is also a host of a podcast:  Who out of all those that have viewed my work, assisted in me making history, by allowing me to be the first and only to own one of her stunning portraits. 

She is really making a name for herself in the world of art and it is good to be able to stand beside her and hold my own.

Stay tuned for next month, We may discuss how I plan to answer my own challange:

When ever you have a moment, write to us your thoughts on how to elevate the worlds perception of art and it’s importance. We would love to hear from you.

Making History in the New Year!


It’s not hard to make history—Everyday we breathe, a step has been made to either hinder or advance history—The hard part is knowing what is worth what to whom. Knowing another man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure, when there is no money to go around, very little, does anything hold an importance.

Recently I spent $150.00 on a piece of art and made history with the purchase. It is one of the first pieces of collectable self-portraits of the Mistress of Art,  ( ) ever sold, and it is sitting on my wall. I like to believe when we all die a fiery death due to nuclear Russian invasion, when they look in my home, under a bunker of old food, books, writings and more dust, they will find the framed works of the Mistress of Art, on my wall. Displayed in all of her glory, to my pride and joy.

Now you might say, ‘We are heading into a financial meltdown, there is a trade war with China, they are building a wall and their won’t be any more ‘south of the border,’ labor to buy and you waste $150.00 on a picture of a woman, when you could have bought food, gold, or’…anything else that would not make a bit of difference to me when my time on this earth is over.

You could say all of that and nothing would dampen my stride of excitement that occurs with being in a position to buy it and find the right spot on my wall to hang it up.

Such trepidation and anticipation of having nothing to the point, they spend nothing on the hard labor of those in my guild, makes me sick. Instead of talking about it, I decided to take the lead on this issue and by example purchase Mistress of Art’s work and love her tenderly, as I desire others to love me, my works, books, and blogs.

Having one of four pieces will satisfy me. It would be nice to know where the others end up. Speaking of which, I placed three portraits of my own,  ( )  for sale and who ever buys them will be really fortunate and wondering where they will end up has been on the forefront of my mind all day. Who will pick them? What will be their motivation? What would captivate them about the pieces of work, will they buy them as a set or separate?

Penny was a muse of mine that is called the Spanish Aquarius,

@BasedLoki was a portrait of the woman that produces art and is a Cosplayer

Katie Sapphire is the third portrait I created and you can find her works @ or

These three women are unique in there own ways but have something that I wanted to share with the world and keep pieces of them for myself. The real challenge and joy that came in this project, was taking a style of art that many have ignored over the years and make it viable in a gallery surrounded by all sorts of forms of art. In a town that has not always looked kindly on black male artists.

What would you be meeting if we were face to face?

You would meet a man who prided himself on his intelligence, once upon a time. An intelligence that did not amount to much when he was in college. His intelligence showed him the evils of prosecutors and judges who would use their influence to silence the clemency of defending attorneys, due to ‘state regulations,’ finding themselves having to choose between advancement to partner and the inner councils of the department of justice. By sacrificing the lives of presumably innocent men and women or fighting to preserve the security of those that sought their advocacy and their lively hoods. All on the securities of the poor-destitute-and uneducated.

State regulations decreed a lawyer defending the innocent till proven guilty or the guilty till proven innocent, will only receive $800 monthly and in ‘selling,’ plea bargains and guaranteeing pocket books of the district attorneys, who are incentivized, by our present government to fill prisons to secure a working class and their own financial securities ergo the term For-Profit-Prisons, a taint in the American legal system, that has hurt the heart of the man that writes you today. Due to this knowledge, made him turn from law to wanting to work in journalistic studies.

Doing a lot of satirical work has gotten me in a few scrapes and many would like to see that I don’t write any more.

You will find a man that loves women, every inch of what they have to offer, but I desire to be with one woman. I want a woman who will love every inch of what I have to offer and won’t try to make me feel bad because I am willing to help the needy and disenfranchised.

It’s been asked of me, “Do you want to be known as a “Great Artist,” and have fame?”

The answer is a surprise to many, No. I am not seeking fame, or riches, truly believing that will come, has come and it is not predicated upon how anyone takes to my work. People look at me and are certain there is a level of unhappiness or anger hidden inside of me. No, I am healed of pain. That is why I draw.

No, I am seeking to tell the story so nothing is lost in the folds of time. I believe we all should do this and if millions come to glean some truth and pay into the effort that is all well and good but the true riches and achievement reside in the ability to carry everyone I meet into the forefront and visibility of this world and to be counted just as important as those with all the money in the world.

I suppose this is because I have seen how people with billions are treated. Everyone wants to be your friend when you can pay for the glamour of a fleeting moment. When the lights have stopped flashing and your back to an average nine-five life style, they don’t even say hello during the holidays.

Instead to hold the universe in a glass means, to me, to be loved unconditionally and to return that love to those I meet. You can, but should not buy friendships. You can but should not buy kindness.

The Great Recession of 2007 nearly destroyed my pride. A man with no pride is a whelp. I said it. We know it is true. Where it is unnatural to look at a man with any respect who can not hold fast to a goal, it is especially unnatural to expect a man with no pride or self-respect to take the pain of this world and create beauty from it.

Now in this same forum discussion I refuse to understand those not willing to make a profit on art.

Oh, sure they will sell their own works if someone happens to want to purchase rights or the ability to use the image as a logo for some company, but to whole sale a product or be found assisting of sell of art, there are rare deficits that boggle my mind. I asked some constituents on their thoughts on the trade or sell of art and many suggest not selling to be prudent and kind.

I disregard this advice because it does not erase the fact, no matter how kind it is to be perceived, that art is meant to be sold, traded, adored, fawned over and out of my view before I am dead, if it is to hold any meaning in the world. As much as a book, a poem, an autobiography. It is not commercialism, consumerism, or Warholism, certainly not the latter. That method of trade offends and gets you shot. It is capitalism in the best form of application and the denial of the sale, the hindrance of the trade and the silencing of such an image that is screaming to be seen is akin to barbarism. Selfish practice of sequestering talent and stifles progression.

Nothing will change if we are not willing to change it. Nothing is gained from having an avenue to profit and better oneself and not taking it.

Presently the allure of making history as a male artist upon the wings of beautiful women should not be such a far-fetched idea. Considering how nouveau its become to be a woman in our global culture today. My three paneled showcase is an advanced experiment with the culture I find myself in. One in which I hope to understand the people that are gravitated to the art. To see what they see, and hopefully define my own evolution from the presentation as the years go by.

Here is the thing, so many artists of any real clout and have a show case, suffer- by their own admittance of some mental illness that makes them hard to deal with or socially awkward. My experiment is to persist that creators don’t have to be seen as freaks, just as looking at beautiful women and enjoying them does not have make you a pervert.

Because Congress amended Section 706 of the Communications Act of 1934 to allow a sitting president to shut down or take control of any facility or station of wire communication upon his proclamation that their exists a state or threat of war involving the United States, I have been desiring to establish hand written correspondences with all of my friends from over seas. I really want snail mail availability with those I meet since we live in such precarious times. Believing that the months and years I’ve put into my work might come to naught and the few friends I have made abroad and at home should never be without the understanding that there is a little man, sitting on the edge of the universe that cares about the well being of them all and wants only the best for them in the coming new year.


The cover image of this article has a story of it’s own:

Be sure to tune in next month when we discuss on to further the expectations presented in the world of art.


Winter Wishes

I wanted to dedicate this month of December to an awareness of the value of art and the work so many talented artist, including myself, must conduct in order to present to you, the viewer and readers, just a little something to help you remember us by.

I was reading Katie Reilly’s review on education, in regards, to Universities like Harvard and their use of Affirmative Action for the supposed bigotry felt among Chinese applicants. Asian-American’s specifically, according to the Times. Of course they still quote numbers of admission’s   for “non-white,” students to be lower than 30% after Affirmative Action policies have been in place (shy of 15 years) with the development of changes after Grutter v. Bollinger (2003).

I personally did not go to an Ivy League University, like Harvard for my law studies. I went to North Carolina Central University (NCCU). I only mention this because it is a stone throw away from UNC and Duke Universities that I can assure you have no problem with their ratio of admissions to Asian-American’s or foreign nationals.

The Times says, “ Race should not be a factor when applying to an University.” In reality it never was. It was always a factor in weeding out who finishes or not. Especially those who are undergraduates and placed their room and board in the hands of the Chair of a University who is at the mercy of those paying to keep the institution viable.

NCCU was a historically black college, so I never worried about my application being denied. I also loved the fact that I did not have to pay the Ivy League fee to earn the same degree, I needed to achieve my dreams.

Yet with the influx of foreign nationals and a desire to remain competitive to their Ivy League neighbors, I witnessed an increase of white students, and central Europeans, and Asians, pushing the predominately ‘black,’ American culture out in their final two years, of undergraduate studies and no one saying a word because of Affirmative Action support.

I could only imagine this influx to have been a trickle-down effect of what was occurring in Harvard, Duke, and UNC.

Affirmative Action tied with DACCA recipients turned our universities into a ground zero explosion of American brand ingenuity at the turn of an economic crisis.

I am African American and had the choice to go to whatever University I desired. I went to an HBCU because I never wanted to be accused of riding the tail end of Affirmative Action just because I was able to enter an Ivy League school. My merit and hard work spoke volumes for me and I made my scholarships take me as far as they would go. Honestly, I never paid into my education, scholarships are a wonderful incentive for those that feel their color or lack of color gives them the right to appeal for better social positioning in the world.

I am not the most affluent of men. Just as I’ve never lied on the size of my dick, I would never lie about what’s in my pockets or not. It is because I am still standing after the humiliation and detestable position, I found myself in from 2007 until 2016, which in all honesty has not changed for me. Just because I happen to be in a symbiotic relationship with people, I dare not trust the moment there is an inability to buy or sell.

It is because I am still here, do I find I am able to stiffen my back with pride when someone insists, “In order to make money, you have to spend money.” On their botched investments that leave them in a horrible lurch. Options Investments, Bitcoin investments, The DotCom boom and bust.

Many have come to me and suggested that “If,” they manage to make it “Big,” on something I’ve spoken against, that I would be upset. I’ve spoken against ACN telemarketers since I was seven years old and found no one made a dime from it.  Whoever invested in it is still looking for a needle in a haystack and the Government is giving “phone-plans,” out to people in need, virtually for free. Not a one time since I was seven, I am 30 now, did I ever feel like I missed out on my mansion promised by my Holy Father in Heaven, because I did not buy into some money laundering scheme that would benefit no one but the person charming enough to have said something I just did not take the time to think about. I’ve spoken against spending thousands on books, I could have written myself. I have spoken against those who would insult my intelligence or my capacity to learn by insisting they are the only way to some sense of earthly success and they can only ‘polly-parrot,’ the phantom of the address to success thought of by someone else who’s name is not GOD.

Took me a long time but I was comforted in the idea that I was no longer ‘spiritualizing’ or living in a fantasy when I could assertively declare that the only road to success is with God and it’s only a mystery, I am only speaking in riddles and parables to those who have not been there, where I’ve been or see where God is taking me.

As I have grown older it has occurred to me that very few artists or collectors have any real grasp of what their imaginations are really worth.

Could be the reason why there is a Creative Battle ground in the first place and a resistance from producers or publishers to buy into a product and those I deal with have taken to self-employment. An employment that forces people to trust one another- especially in an era of finance conducted through the internet market have no holding securities.

We are forced to hold ourselves accountable when trading funds for products and ideally this is a wonderful idea, but when applied, the only one to achieve any gain is the one holding the money. Really makes for bad business and riddles the integrity of the ‘start-up’ enterprise and self-employed dreamer. A real pet peeve of the Art industry and I am not really sure when this occurred, but the idea that anyone’s product should be sold beneath ‘state-regulated,’ minimum wage brackets to appease the private donor.

Now in America, weather you agree or not, the minimum wage has been pushed to $15.00 an hour. This means if an artist produces a piece in 3 hours, he or she should receive $45.00 bare minimum for the product or at least selling it at that price to compete with any other taxable product being regulated by the FTC. In America mind you. Can’t speak for any other country because I’ve not lived, they’re not have I dealt with their dollar for dollar exchange rates. Keeping this in mind it is disrespectful, insulting, and down right oppressive to expect anyone to sell you the rights to their ‘intellectual property,’ for anything less than $7.25 an hour in my personal estimations. Meaning worldwide this sense of selling magazines, art, prose, literature, blogs, of any kind for 2.99-8.00 whole sale is asinine and a waste of any artists time. Professional or the Hobbyists. When I think on average how long it takes to make and entire editorial to entertain  the few fans I have, if I was not relying on the benevolence of the passer byer and worked corporately or for an agency, again I am speculating because I’ve never debased my talent to settle for an FCC regulated occupation, but if I did, I’d contract myself out for a 72hr bid of 108.00 per piece; an exchange in keeping with our countries $15.00 an hour minimum wage requirement.

It is because of the potential of such prosperity many migrants seek America as a home and authors like Mellissa Harris are recorded to be worth 77.5 million, or some other horrendous number for selling lies to the American public. All in the name of “freedom of expression.” When we consider this information, why should I or any artist settle for 2.99-8.00 for a single publication?

In short be it I am conservative or liberal if I charage $15 and hour and base in an 3hr rate of production, my products are selling at $50.00 minimum.


So recently my son’s mother, who is known as Charlie Rocket Cosplay online

posted a video where she is telling the world that money does not matter and we should live in the moment and do what makes us happy.

This is my response to all those lies and need to make oneself look better than what we really are. The idea of picking up the “Dream Weaver’s Hat,” is simply a reiteration of his story and the loss of his son and the boy’s mothers’ refusal to allow him to meet his real father. The hat is that of a “traveling kid,” which was explained in previous posts like “Voice of Liberation,” and “Rage of Landslide,” or the tales of what occurred in the Private Prisons of America and G.E.O. When you ask the “Dream Weaver,” what will make him happy, remember he asked for his son. The chance to be a real father.

It does not take a lot of money to be a father or a husband. It just takes his presence.

(Yes, that was a barb at those that do not like Patriarchs or the male to have control of his house hold.)

When I think of where I have been. Of all the struggles I have faced to simply make it to a place where I can have the peace needed to share my stories and the stories of “Roads Less Traveled by.” Roads I would never wish on my worst of enemies and strongly try to steer those I call, ‘friend,’ away from. When I remember, I count my blessings and continue to unleash marcels of vision upon my canvas.

What I desire most from you to take away from my tales, is not that of reproach or condemnation, but a fervent belief in the power of redemption and the possibilities afforded all men and women that have a talent and know how to use it. This month is about removing masks that seemingly protect our anonymity, but in truth, hinder us from being transparent and willing to share our darkness in hopes of shedding a light for a better tomorrow.   


I had recently asked an artist who is a wonderful friend to draw a portrait of me and I would pay her price. Anything she asked for and I would fit the bill. In so doing I can carry this image anywhere and use it as a marker for who I am, and where I want to be in the future. I really do appreciate the view points of and as she supports my work, I try my best to support hers.

This to me is the real vision set out for online marketers and the self-employed such as myself.

This month I also emptied my bank account to support two other creators that I admire. who created the Featured Image of this article and stamped her love for my original character, “The Dream Weaver.”

Lastly,  I wanted to thank for mailing me a copy of a graphic novel he and his wife created: Tales of Pylea. A wonderful story that I really could identify with because  I understood their plight a lot more than they thought. Six years is a long time to develop a project, to put your heart and soul into an idea and have it turned down because a few people in your circle are suffering from their own inferiority complexes. The publisher that denies Fantasy to be a medium worth telling stories from, couldn’t tell a story if it body slammed him and through him on his arse. He was a lifeless breeder and waste space, especially since Tales of Pylea is not like anything I have read before.

Well you asked me about some material I have had trouble getting to people.
No, it is not a comic, yet but it could be. I have done a few panels and all, but I really wanted a book, a simple book I have worked on for six years to be published and backed by distributors.… So far silence.

I have sought to sell a few copies myself, just so I can afford later to place the story in panels.
I did know that I had to have everything in order, outline and all. But if I can’t get a publisher to consider the book, then they really will have a hard time with generating a fanbase but I am very thankful for the view that have stopped to listen and carry the tales of the Dream Weaver, with them in their hearts.

November Recap

This month of November,

Amidst the focus placed upon the rights of women, black people, and the electoral college process and its lasting influence in this country, the question placed upon the definition of gender and LGBT-rights gives more credence to my creation of “Sarah the Switch Hitter,” and Abby Vesoulis’s article, “What would happen if the U.S. Government really redefined gender?”

Of course, some of my viewers where not at all pleased with my adaptation of the transgender stories. Then again, there were many that were.

This month I also addressed the dreams of Satin Darling who has been a wonderful supporter of my works like, “Kitschy Kitchen,”


which also pleased @TinyFighter, @StaceyLovesWeed, and @MissGracieGiggles-a-wicked-killer-blonde, which I was certain, would approve of my illustrations because it gives a colorful depiction of what a woman is capable of in a world that has taught her, otherwise.

The entire production received 115 views in a day of publication, which I had found to be endearing.

I don’t find my hard-hitting stance on women in America and around the globe to be an out of place header for the month of November. Not when Julia Louis Dreyfus was recently given the Mark Twain Prize for American humor, or when Jamie Lee Curtis can make headlines by claiming the “Self-loving culture,” that is the “Selfie Experience,” as “Self-Loathing.”

Yes, my friends, this month of November I must dedicate to an unabashed discourse in fueling and affirming our “Self-Obsessed,” culture, by suggesting that there is not a single thing wrong with a person desiring approbation for the time spent on what ever pleased or grossed 77.5 million dollars, from entertainment and scripts. There is nothing wrong with people, average, every day people, desiring their products of “lesser” worth receiving what Hiro Arikawa was given for their novel, “The Traveling Cat Chronicles.”

When we have little regard for ourselves, we tend to fall into the traps of depression as illustrated by Henryk Fantazos–“Wanders Repose,” which I have felt is the perfect illustration of what I went through from 2007 until 2015 and fear a re-occurrence of such a situation in the future for it’s only been a few years reprieve from my own “Wandering Repose.”

It has only been a few days since Veteran’s Day and it made me happy to see the few that were celebrating enjoyed themselves. There was an interesting retort to the idea of why veterans don’t talk about their position on the Vietnam War or those of the Iraqi War. It was suggested that those who don’t speak are simply being humble and this is to be honored. I dare begin to question this thought and consider it a disrespect. A disrespect to themselves and the men and women that fell with them.

For instance, if no one spoke about the evils of the interment camps after they found Freedom, would they have been considered “humbled,” servants dedicating the rest of their lives to the service of those they meet for the miniscule pay of those days or would they have been considered “cowards,” and disloyal to the millions that died before them and would presumably die in gas chambers, while they had Freedom in America or other free Countries, had they remained silent?

The only reason G.E. O’s exists is because few will call it what it is, an interment camp. There are no gas chambers, but to Civilly Commit someone in a facility with no avenues of obtaining basic human rights under the guise of punishing prisoners, is no different than the crucibles that was Warsaw and I’d be a “Coward,” to remain silent and “Humble.”

Would it not be considered a disrespect to myself to not inform my public of the clear and present danger presented in the idea that we should confuse the punishing of crime for that of the mutilation of men and women, found through the systems of control, propagated by Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler, or the Korean Government of 1982 to present. The Re-Education Centers of present-day China–A government still plagued by fear of Christianity and the doctrines of Liberation found in 1 Corinthians Chapter 4?  

This very same sense of evil is found in the Tara Fares case of being gunned down in Baghdad. The Beautician found dead in her home: The plastic surgeon known as “Iraq’s Barbie,” her death is a still a mystery. Miss Iraq fleeing her own country out of fear being anther #Thursday Victim. All like Isnaa al-Obaidi and Yanar Mohammed, seeking safety abroad.

As I was working on “@BasedLoki,” and “Slovenian Beauty,”

659034_adventvoice_basedloki both pieces produced on a 3×11 board canvas in ink and colored pencil that took a few days due to my overly busy schedule but received 4 out of 5 stars 64 views. I was really pleased that a piece of my work was appreciated by the many people at all and on a weekend. A time when people are generally too busy to take notice of artistic expression.

I had really hoped to have achieved approval from whom the art was intended for, but they still have not wanted to acknowledge that I am the artist worth their admiration. Most artists I find are like that, too prideful to give approval of another artist and always discussing what they would have done differently, instead of just appreciating what is there and basking in the art.

I began to remember “Faces of Virginity,”

655679_adventvoice_faces-of-virginity which was one of my last pieces of the month before and new this month was about the achievements of women and seeking to temper the language of those like Tammy Duckworth and Joseph J. Ellis who are determined to live in a violent world built by beliefs on the Constitution of America made no provisions for “Black,” people, “Women,” or “Native Americans.” The Founding Fathers where, in their minds, selfish and bigoted men that had no intentions of honoring the souls of people as the first few lines of the Declaration of Independence, indicate.

Mr. Ellis argues for Globalization, the Internet becoming problematic but insists that the size of America is the overall problem and that disturbs me. His belief that the flooding of the coast lines and complete evacuation of the west coast and the Gulf of Mexico due to “climate change,” and a great crisis is going to be needed to bring unity to a country of more than 325 million people. I am made to feel, when I listen to him, that I am in the presence of an unhinged radical who would justify the slaughtering of millions just to prove our government can’t support the best interests of the people and the Electoral College is the enemy, rather than the key to a healthy and functioning “Gilded Age.”

It is astonishing to me, that Tammy Duckworth is willing to change Senate Floor rules to allow a breast-feeding child and publicly displays the lactation and wants to make mandatory special places in airports for this display of nurturing care. The first to give birth in Office, an interesting way of suggesting it was a natural birth and not in a hospital. Anyway, I don’t care about all of this “PDI” (personal display of information.) I am simply concerned with the Democrats need to flirt with social and ethical behavioral reforms, and then they become offended or claim, “sexual harassment,” and file charges on the male species, as a whole, because they are made to sit in on meetings of State, with breast feeding women.

Would a woman ever have the right to claim offense, when she willingly displays herself to the world and is given honors for it?

Upon the world stage Juyin Haynes and Aria Hungyu Chen, one from Seoul and the other from Hong Kong China. Authors of #MeToo Heads East,” suggest outrage by women at the sexual assaults, seemingly occurring with impunity. Yet the writers white wash claims of women, entering men’s restrooms in Guangahou to protest ‘inequality,’ of public restrooms. (Are they, these women, advocating uni-sexual facilities? And if so, how would the eradication of social barriers bring a halt to, Lee Eun-eui’s need to seek gratuities from Samsung for sexual harassment lawsuits and create enough validity to the claim of ‘exploitation,’ which can beat back the more accurate idea of being a credulous, ‘gold digger,’?

Seo suggest she wants to show the world that a survivor of sexual assault and exploitation can be happy and confident. Does this mean if the Korean government in Korea paid the 6,400 women who were filmed and supposedly showcased on porn-sites, without their knowledge, if they received royalties as close to Stormy Daniels $130,000.00 pay-off from the President of the United States, the stigma of Porn, nudity, and the overall behavior in our public sector between men and women and transgender, would be more acceptable?

Did anyone out of those 20,000 women protesting the acquittal of a top politician of a rape charge, ever ask about the credibility of the person that filed charges?

A lot of these questions are poised toward Jin Young Park of Seoul Korea.

As an artist I was surprised, but should not have been, at the contempt being projected upon the NSFW community. The emotion associated with being ‘offended,’ at a natural course of action or conversation, stems, I believe, from a refusal to be transparent with those around us and desiring to remain comfortable with the masks we wear. To be stripped naked by revealing our inner dreams, thoughts, and depraved natures is rather abrasive at first. It is akin to walking into a dark room filled with people you can’t see, but they can see you. The spotlight is blinding, glaring and you are naked as the day you were born; two emotions instantly bubble to the surface. Either you succumb to the humiliation or perception of not being enough for those viewing you. Your spots and blemishes are highlighted and you are believed to not be the model of beauty that you have always felt you were, in your comfortable sphere of influence.

Then there is the idea that you are exactly as you have always believed yourself to be. Beautiful and can walk into a room as if you are blind folded and are perfectly comfortable with the world viewing all of your naked glory. Daring them to touch and knowing they are not worthy and can’t.


Satin Darling is an interesting viewer of my work.
Because of her support I have decided to draw her. It pleased me to know she was willing to be my muse for a while. I had to develop this art very quickly because well Halloween is over, and it just did not seem fitting to allow the month to creep by and continue shelling out work that had something to do with an All-Hallowed night and it is nearly mid-November.
There are many that are not accustomed to Halloween, it is not a holiday for some and it is understandable if the references are missed on them. The dressing up and the candy hunting or the streaking in a grave yard and the picnics in cemeteries can all be strange customs to those that are just not aware.
Not for Satin Darling mind you. This is a woman that enjoys the art of Colin Christian
And all things Gore.
She really is my kind of woman. Cartoonish works don’t put her off or seem to insult her intelligence, as is the case with many contemporary art lovers, I have come across.
In our interviews I have learned that someone can be passionate about their world and still find time to laugh, or make others smile and I really believe that is why I have gravitated to her. Honestly, I just want pleasant people around me and in all her splendor, she is just that, pleasant.
It is because of her my next project will be something that seems to make her toes curl, just thinking about: In the words of Satin Darling:
ah yeah
i think a favorite form of imagery for me is sexualized and/or casualized gore
like just picture a kitschy 50s kitchen with a stereotypical 50s pin up housewife just casually chopping up her 4th husband for dinner
now THATS a scene

I really hope she does not mind me sharing this information. I found it to be one of the cutest and endearing dialogues, to date that I have had with someone about what is entertaining and what is just a waste of time.
As you get to know people you find out that Art really has a way of driving what they want to be in life. Be it Dancing, Fashion, Films, Animations, Politics, all if it has a way of centering itself around how we visually see the world and for me it is nice to be around people that front row seats into modes of expression that are really beyond me. It was nice that I could share with her what my art is for and how it is connected to music and my world and because she is a friend, “Well at least I consider her one, A very important friend, my oracle,” I felt a desire to draw her in a Noir-ish fashion, in beat to the tunes of Modern Noir Songs by Wiremux
She has an enchanting gift for seduction. If I was a weaker man, I would have been her puppet a long time ago. I am sure as the future winds our paths together, there is hope of her fulfilling all of her dreams and I getting to watch her succeed.

Next month I will be focusing on the value of artistic works and the seemingly misguided desire to debase the worth of the time and effort placed into works of art, developed by the visionaries of the future.

Please stay tuned and I hope to see you around.